Better Eco Living is a non-profit organization devoted not only to cleaning our beaches but to making them even more beautiful for everyone to enjoy.


The Adopt-A-Beach program is about the need for clean oceans, waterways, and beaches. It is also about people acting together to create lasting solutions to marine pollution. The harmful effects of marine debris are severe and include:


  1. Negative economic and aesthetic impacts

  2. Harm and risk to human health and safety

  3. Injury and death to animals through entanglement and ingestion

• Habitat destruction

Better Eco Living is currently expanding the

Adopt-A-Beach program, in order to:


  1. promote our communities to actively conserve and enhance the environment

  2. increase education about the sources and types of trash and how it becomes marine debris,

  3. generate public support by giving everyone an opportunity to participate in our activities to clean up our beaches and coastal waters,

  4. raise the public awareness and to foster an environmentally friendly consciousness starting with school age children and moving up to change long held attitudes by adults as well.

If you would like to become involved or to simply donate to our cause please see our "Get Involved" page now.


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